‘Point of sale’ barely scratches the surface of what ShopKeep does. ShopKeep is a full business management solution, that consolidates everything from inventory, to staffing to accounting for your business.


ShopKeep Point of Sale

ShopKeep is simple to use, and is infinitely customizable to your business.

april-fools-checkmarkA Business Tool
ShopKeep manages inventory while providing detailed data and powerful reporting.

april-fools-checkmarkFree 24/7 Support
Whether it’s 1pm or 3am, we’re available over the phone, online chat or email, for free.

april-fools-checkmarkLooks Great
ShopKeep looks beautiful behind the counter. Look as up-to-date as your business.

Pick up your iPad to take orders and payments from anywhere in your store.

Traditional Cash Register

A cash register is a cash register. Don’t like the layout? Just grin and bear it.

april-fools-cross-2Just A Tool
After your transactions are complete, a receipt is about all you can hope for.

april-fools-cross-2Ship without a port
If you have an issue, you’re in trouble. A solution is expensive and derails your business.

Cash registers look clunky. That’s because they are. Maybe keep it as an antique.

When you unplug your cash register from its power source, it stops working.

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